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To reach a point level 5 of Child Observation, programs should be using the DRDP 2010 and DRDP Tech at least twice per year to inform curriculum planning.


DRDPtech© is CDE’s software system which is designed to allow teachers, program administrators, and other designated staff to access DRDP© instruments and conduct DRDP assessments online via the Internet. DRDPtech stores the data entered by teachers in a secure database and automatically produces a variety of assessment reports, both for individual children and for groups of children.

Services Screening and Referral
Publications, Tools, and Online Resources Parent/Family Resources
Program Development
Teaching and Learning
Ages Infant
Topic Cognitive Development
English-Language Development
Health Development
History-Social Science Development
Language Development
Language and Literacy Development
Mathematics Development
Perceptual and Motor Development
Physical Development
Science Development
Social-Emotional Development (Infant/Toddler)
Social-Emotional Development (Preschool)
Visual and Performing Arts Development
Child Development
Developmental Delays/Disabilities/Special Needs
Physical Activity
Quality Enhancement Child Development
Program Development
School Readiness
Teaching and Learning
Setting Home-Based
Family Child Care Home
School District
Audience Teacher
RTT Elements Child Observation
RTT Continuous Quality Improvements Pathways RTT Tool
RTT Resource
RTT Levels 5
Maintaining Point Level 5